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It is true that dancing career is very special and difficult indeed, but  I am glad to hear from Vadim that he intends to go through any difficulties to stay true to his aim. When there is will, there will be a way.  It seems to me that he is getting much stronger now, isn't he?  Let me know the result at the Canadian Closed Championships in Youth Standard. Naoki.

 Maribor Open 2004 Slovenia
Maribor Open 2004 Slovenia
11-12 Dec 2004

2nd out of 32 in Youth Standard
4th out of 39 in Youth Latin
12th out of 49 in Open Standard
 IDSF YOUTH OPEN, 9th City of Biella Trophy, Italy, 2004 IDSF YOUTH OPEN
9th City of Biella Trophy, Italy
28 Nov 2004

2nd out of 7 in Youth Standard
3rd out of 15 in Youth Latin
 Vadim and Kathrin Lower Austrian Ballroom Championships
Austria - Kottingbrunn
27 November 2004

2nd out of 11th in Amateur Ballroom
 Austrian Open 2004 Austrian Open, Vienna
Nov 19th to 21nd, 2004

8th out of 48 in Youth Standard
20 out of 66 in Youth Latin
65 out of 146 in IDSF International Open Standard-Grand Slam
 IDSF World Youth Standard 2004 IDSF World Youth Standard
Shanghai, China
November 6th, 2004

top 12 in Adult Standard
top 8 in Youth Standard
18th out of 64 in World Youth Standard
 10th Belgium IDSF Open 10th Belgium IDSF Open
Liege, Belgium
17 Oct 2004

4th out of 20 in Youth Latin
 Holland Masters Holland Masters
Netherlands - Arnhem
15-16 Oct 2004

2nd out of 11 in Youth Standard
3rd out of 10 in Youth Latin
 Czech Open 2004 Czech Open 2004
Czech Republic - Ostrava
October 2nd

top 4 out of 24 in Youth Standard
top 26 out of 37 in Youth Latin
 Vadim and Kathrin, September 2004 III. Tisza Part Open 2004
25 Sept, Hungary - Kistelek

3rd out of  7 in Youth Latin
1st out of 6 in Youth Standard
10th out of 36 in Open Standard
 Prague Open 2004 Prague Open 2004
Czech Republic
September 18th - 19th

7th out of 31 in Youth Latin
top 5 out of 26 in Youth Standard
 Bratislava Open 2004 Bratislava Open 2004
September 11th, Slovakia

3rd out of 8 in Youth Latin
2nd out of 9 in Youth Standard
8th out of 32 in Open Standard
 2nd Saxonian Dance Days 2nd Saxonian Dance Days
Leipzig, Germany
August 13th - 15th

25th out of 52 in Youth Latin
top 5 out of 28 in Youth 10-Dance
16th out of 47 in Youth Standard
 IDSF Open Latin and Standard - Porto, Portugal Festival of Porto
Porto, Portugal
July 31st - Aug 1st

1st place in Youth Standard and Latin
3rd place in Open Amateur Standard
 Blackpool Dance Festival 2004 Blackpool Dance Festival
Blackpool, England
May 28th - June 1st

top 77 out of 129 in Under 21 Latin
top 86 out of 130 in Under 21 Ballroom
top 188 out of 277 British Amateur RS Latin
 Vadim Garbuzov and Nadiya Dyatlova - BC Closed 2004 BC Closed Standard and Latin Championships
Nanaimo, BC, Canada
May 1, 2004

3rd place in Adult Standard Championship
3rd place in Youth Latin Championship
 Vadim Garbuzov and Nadiya Dyatlova - Canadian Closed 2004 Youth Standard Champions Canadian Closed Championships, Montreal, Canada
April 9-10, 2004

1st place in Youth Standard Championship
2nd place in Youth Ten-Dance Championship
4th place in Youth Latin Championship
 Alberta Winter Dancesport Classic 2004 Alberta Winter Dancesport Classic
Western Canadian Open Amateur Championships
Canadian Closed Ten Dance Championships
Calgary, February 21, 2004

1st place in Youth Standard and Latin
3rd place in Open Amateur Latin Championship
2nd place in Open amateur Standard Championship
4th place in Canadian Closed Amateur Ten-Dance Championship
 SnowBall Classic 2004 SnowBall Classic, Vancouver, Canada
February 6-8, 2004

3rd place in Under 21 Latin Open
3rd place in Under 21 Standard Open
IDSF International Open Latin semi-finalists


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