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Here you can see some articles at magazines and newspapers, which have mentioned Vadim Garbuzov
during 1998 - 2010

Article by Irina Fokina, Kaleidoscope Magazine, 2010

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Exclusive Vadim's and Kathrin's Interview
for on December 12, 2005

Some articles and photos in 2003-2005:
Finalists in the World Youth 10-Dance 2005 Articles ,  Interview
Stepping' Out , Dancing' , The Province -

 The Province, Sunday, February 8, 2004

Up Close and Personal - Interview with Vadim in FinePointers Newsletter, Spring 2004, pages 6-7, Summer 2004 - interview with Nadiya, pages 5,7

Vadim's picture in the new DANCESPORT.CA Ad
April 9, 2004

For Grand Ball 2003 Competition Notes visit

For Saxonian Dance Days Notes 2004 visit

 Ball 2007, Tanzshule Grossman


July 2007, Vadim's photo on eye-catching book cover of the Dance Novel "Wilde" by Katherine Warwick:
 July 2007, Vadim's photo on eye-catching book cover of the Dance Novel "Wilde" by Katherine Warwick

 Unser Neiderosterreich Gianserndorf press, Austria, May 22nd, 2006

 Austria 2005

 Tokyo 2003

 article in "Dancing´" Magazine, April 2001

 article in newspapar "Vancouver and Us" 2001

 article in "Vancouver Echo" August 26, 1998

 article in March 22, 2002

 Article of May 23, 2003 in "Vancouver and Us" about BC Closed Standard and Latin Championships 2003 Results

 Article of October 2003 in Dancing' Magazine:  At the Canadian Closed Championship 2003

 Ad of May 2004 in Blackpool Dance Festival Magazine: SnowBall Classic 2004

 Article of March 7, 2003 in "Vancouver and Us" about SnowBall Classic 2003 Results

 Article of Nov, 2003 in STEPPING' OUT: Supporting Local Dance Couples

 Article of 2000 in Chinese Newspaper

Vadims Dancing Poem 2005
"Vancouver Echo" 1998

Interview with Vadim by Irina Fokina, Kaleidoscope Magazine, 2008





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