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 Cover of TanzSport Magazine OTSV Nr.2008/2006 Cup Vadim Garbuzov and Kathrin Menzingers, Grand Ball 2006, November 12
 Cup  Medals  Diploma


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Results in 2000, Vadim Garbuzov and Maria Yasel:

New Stars Dancesport Competition, Junior Gold Open 2000
1st place in Junior Latin and Standard, Seattle, USA
Representing Canada (top 21) in Junior I Latin Austrian Open 2000, Vienna
2nd Place in Junior Latin and Standard, Grand Ball 2000
Junior Finalist (5th) Ljubjana Open 2000 (Slovenia International)
1st place Super Cup Silhouette Champion 2000 - with Olga Goliakova
3rd place in Junior category, 1st Open Amateur Ukrainian Championships 2000
Kharkov 2000 Junior Champion, Sumi 2000 Junior Finalist

Results in 1999, Vadim Garbuzov and Vanessa Kathryn Koo:

1st Place in Junior I BC Open Championships UBC Gala Ball, 1999
11th Annual Snowball Classic Junior I Latin Finalist (2nd) 1999
Island Fantasy Ball, 2nd in Junior II Latin and Standard, 1999
Dance Pacifica - 2nd in Latin, Finalist in Standard, Junior, 1999
Seattle, USA - 1999 Juvenile Champion

Results in 1998, Vadim Garbuzov and Dasha Kapinos:

1st place in Juvenile Standard and Latin, 10th Annual Snowball Classic 1998
BC Juvenile Latin Champion 1998
1st place Galaxy Jr. Dance Award, Seattle, USA

Active member of ADF from June 2nd 2004 of Austrian DanceSport Federation  Club: TSC- Marchfeld
Active member of Dancesport BC from 1995 to 1st of  June 2004  - DSBC
Active member of Canadian Amateur Dancesport Association from 1995 to 1st of June 2004 - CADA-
- CADA's and OETSV's parent body - the International DanceSport Federation (IDSF)


1995 – present

   DanceSport Training,  Canada; Europe




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