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Click on a photos to see an enlarged photographs:Did Maria send some normal life photos? Wouldn't you like to see it?
Super idea mama had. I think that my citations from e-mails often might have something to post. Super for the life of the site. I need to record Nastia (Anastazija Novojilova) from camera to the video and send it to you.
You can then post it or translate it because it was in Russian. Vadim.



with Natalia



with Katie Virshilas

Picture with Maria Yasel Picture with Victor Yasel
with Carmen with Stephen Hillier with Vanessa Koo with Stephen Hillier with Stephen Hillier
Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture
Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture
with Natasha Panina with Olga Poliakova Enter your photos and you could be a category prize winner with Olga Poliakova with Nadine Djatlova
 for more photos visit  for more photos visit  Results 2001


We need to book the schedule now at least until the new year. I will work on the translation after dance practice. Nadiya.

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A great source of large format photos:
I love dance, and I am now creating a website devoted exclusively to dance paintings, but I'm not a trained dancer myself and am so grateful to those of you who point out some of the technical aspects of this wonderful sport. Let me know if I can create a painting for you. I have returned the dancers to their original - correct - posture and the painting looks wonderful in my painting. Andrew Sokol.

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