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 Carmen 2002

 Grand Ball, November 2002  with Nadiya Picture



 2002  2002  Grand Ball, November 2002, Paso Doble

 Russian Open 2002

 Grand Ball 2002  rumba Picture  2002  Russian Open 2002
Picture Picture Picture Picture  GrandBall 2002
 Picture  Austrian Open 2002  2002 Picture  GrandBall 2002
 Russian Open 2002  Austrian Open 2002 Photos, camera-ready artwork, videos, etc. needed  Austrian Open 2002  Vadim and Nadiya, Russian Open 2002
 for more photos visit  for more photos visit  Results 2002


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Most importantly we just want you to know that we wish the best always and hope that things start to work out positively for you for the rest of this year and continue onto 2003. Andy and Wendy Wong, The Grand Ballroom

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