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DanceSport Photo Gallery and Videos 2008


Dance Photos and Videos 2008Vadim's dance solo impro to Elvis Presley song "All Shook Up":

I have arrived in Vancouver. If you want to meet and talk about our dance show, we can schedule it. We can talk on the phone again. I wanted to ask about the orchestra cd"s again. Thanks, Vadim

Happy Holidays: Happy Holidays


  book cover of Latest Ballroom Dance Novel Wilde by Katherine Warwick

 Happy Holidays from Vadim


 Vadim and Zsofi in Maribor Open 2007, Slovenia




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 Double Dance Studio

Hi. How are things with the schedule? Strangely the result of competition is not on the net yet. Greetings.

Dance I
Dance I Art Print
Wyatt Jr., Norman
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 Vadim's cat Marysia


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 Russian Book in Canada: #5 - 3740 Chatham Street, Richmond, BC, V7E 2Z3; Phone: (604) 271-3635

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