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Holland Masters, Netherlands - Arnhem

My dancing situation is very good now. It is a great chance for me!!

Holland Masters, Netherlands - Arnhem
October 15-16-17, 2004
The only IDSF event in the Netherlands:

IDSF Youth Open Latin (top 3 out of 10)

IDSF Youth Open Standard (top 2 out of 11)

 Vadim Garbuzov - Kathrin Menzinger

Ergebnisse des Holland Masters 2004:

Jugend Standard, 11 Paare, 5 Nationen, 17.10.2004
1. Valentin Lusin - Renata Busheeva (GER)
2. Vadim Garbuzov - Kathrin Menzinger (AUT)
3. Ilia Vinokurovs - Baiba Birzgale, (LAT)

Jugend Latein, 10 Paare, 4 Nationen, 16.10.2004
1. Sebastian Matheja -Natalie Von Cieminski (GER)
2. Erich Klann - Anastasia Bodnar (GER)
3. Vadim Garbuzov - Kathrin Menzinger (AUT)

 Holland Masters, Arnhem   Holland Masters 2004

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 Vadim and Kathrin - tango during competition

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 Vadim Garbuzov - Kathrin Menzinger
We are quite sure that we will dance together. That is why I stay in the financially difficult Europe compared to Canada where I'm much better off and spend my small money for living and educational dancesport activities.



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