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IDSF Open to the World Standart and Latin, Poland 2002


IDSF Open to the World Standart and Latin
Juniors IDSF Open, April 27-28, 2002, Poland

1st place in Latin

3rd place in Standard

Let"s talk a bit about each other's personalities. Do you often feel unhappy with the performance of your partners? Do you like more competition or practice? As I've said before, my opinion is that the deciding factor in the success of a partnership is understanding and communicating properly with each other. I ask these questions because we both have to know at least slightly what to expet from each other. I think everything should be okay.
Fortunately in this time there is a competition in Poland we are visiting.
We can organize all these trips, so we can practice during them. Ciao

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 DanceSport Results 2002

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I love dancing, I hope that everything is fine and your whole family is enjoying the Spring




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