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of one of the world’s fastest growing Sport! Dancesport is receiving now more and more attention and recognition from the public, television and show businesses.

Vadim Garbuzov

has made numerous dance shows and performances at schools, community center events, festivals, shopping mall presentations etc. This young dancer has been featured on Global and BCTV and participated in 1998/99 Show of Hearts Telethon. This talented youth is in great need of the financial support in order to attend Canadian and World Championships to represent Canadian team for Dancesport Olympic Championships 2008. Your generous support, whether it is in the form of monetary donations, services or otherwise will be greatly appreciated. We are inviting you to become an active sponsor for Vadim. In return, sponsorship recognition will be made on all events throughout the year that will promote your business to thousands of potential clients. Furthermore, we will add your company’s name and on Vadim web site, as well on one of the best dance web sites in the world:

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I would like to thank all the people that were there for me from the start: Jim Fraser and BCADA, Brian Dudley, Andy and Wendy Wong, Theo Peters, Barbara Child, Viktor and Irina Yasel, Natasa Ambroz, Ronald and Ekaterina Michtchenko, and later:
Pinky Wong, Oksana Latynina, Richard Chung, Raymond Wong, Shelley Gin, Faye Hung, Felicia Lo, Helen Savkovic, Daniel Wong, Ram Randhawa and DanceSport BC, Natasha Korkh, Alex Litvinov, Heidi Körner, Andrew Sinkinson, Denis Trembley, Glen Brennan, Brian Torner, Natasha Panina, Mr. Hermann Götz, Heinz Spaeker, Lasse and Bibi Odegaard, Barbara Nagode Ambroz, Oliver Wessel-Therhorn, Andy and Kelly Kainz, Peter Maxwell, Mr. Zdenek and Jana Fencak, Manfred and Anastassiya Stiglitz and many more wonderful teaches and judges.

Also all Team, Naoki Fukushima, Colin Gill, Grace Jefferies, Barbara & Stephen Ko, Edward Lee, Michael Jacobson, Ina Berlizyeva, Ron Boyd, George Toma, Helen Weng, Nadia Titova; Kathrin , Patrik, Wilfried and Monika Menzinger; Victoria Rafeiner, Nadiya Dyatlova, Anastazija and Irina Novojilova, Maurizio Vescovo, Melinda Torokgyorgy, Luca & Loraine Baricchi, family and friends. I am also very grateful to all other teachers, judges, officials, volunteers, fans, dance partners, competitors, their parents and other supporters. Without all of you I would be nothing today, you were my support all those years, thank you very much.

Sincerely, Vadim Garbuzov


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